Technically advanced solutions for road transport and distribution of:
– compressed, liquefied, dissolved and cryogenic gases (LPG, NH3, CO2, LIN / LOX / LAR and LNG)

Kind of vehicle
– Self-supporting tank- semitrailers
– Tank trailers
– Tank equipment on chassis, fixed or demountable

Tankers designed according to the customer’ needs, manufactured in carbon steel, stainless steel, or duplex in conformity of the codes:

Innovation and continuous research to reduce costs, improve safety, ensure quality and service:
– Limited tare
– Optimized tank capacity for the type of transport
– Wide range of pumping and metering systems
– Digital electronics for the management and remote control
– Construction and anti-rust treatment for long life



We regularly serve the most important transport companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa with suitable solutions to local regulations and their working conditions.

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