Tank trucks since 1970

OMSP MACOLA company was established at the beginning of 1970 by Giuseppe and Ferruccio Macola for the production of pumps and volumetric flow meters for tank trucks used for road transport fuels and flammables.

At around this time, a new alternative fuel Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) came onto the market and OMSP Macola recognised the importance of this product because of its new properties which were better for the environment. The company started with the installation of pumps and flow meters on the vehicles, and since 1978, with the construction of the first tanks for road transport of LPG.

The new production required larger equipped spaces and the business expanded into a second plant near the offices of the Industrial Zone of Padua. Over time, the company has consolidated its presence on the LPG market, specializing in the design of self-supporting vehicles for road transportation of liquefied gases.

Since the early 80s OMSP Macola has been transformed into a vehicles manufacturer and has make itself known in European countries, in the Middle East and in the Mediterranean area.

The development in research and the passion for quality lead to the presence in different markets with different laws and directives and obtaining the approval of products through various testing and inspection bodies such as: TÜV Germany, TÜV Austria, DNV Norway, DRIRE France, BUREAU VERITAS Spain, LLOYD Register England, ISCIR Romania and many others.

The evolution of constructions with IMO and RINA approvals for naval transport, FS, SNCF and BAM for rail transport, allow OMSP Macola products to meet all transport needs.

1997 was a turning point for the OMSP Macola expansion. The offices (600 m2) and production plant (4,200 m2) moved to a new site of 23,000 m2 in the industrial zone of Saonara near Padova, 800 m from the exit of Padua’s industrial zone on the Venice-Bologna motorway.

The production is rationalized and more efficient, and the main target is expanding into new markets.

In 2005 OMSP Macola opened a branch in Romania for the maintenance and servicing of our large fleet of gas tankers sold in Southeast of Europe.

The future is in our products with solutions to win world competitions in road transportation of compressed, liquefied and cryogenic gases. Ensuring safety, quality and reliability our vehicles maintain efficiency and value over the time to overcome any challenge.


  • satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • innovation and continuous research to reduce costs, improve security, guarantee quality and service
  • over 3500 vehicles on the road transporting safely and protecting the environment.
  • After sales service and spare parts
  • Updates, tests,  calibrations and retrofit